The World Loves Porn

Now I’m not often speechless when reading about the enormity of the porn industry but today was different. Today, I took a moment to contextualise what I was reading. I took a moment to stop, think, and I realised that the world may never bounce back from the devastation that is currently occurring.

In the last year alone, Porn Hub had 28.5 billion visits. YES - that is not a typo. B.I.L… BILLION. On ONE website.

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The Porn Myth - Book Review

The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography, is Matt Fradd’s latest book. It is a well argued, well structured discussion of the porn phenomenon and its effects on people.

In this book, Matt goes about debunking many commonly held beliefs about pornography. The book is definitely not a religious treatise. He attempts to avoid religious jargon, and uses rational, fact based arguments to debunk many myths and misconceptions.

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The Day It All Changed

So I've just finished booking two return tickets with a discount airline for a day trip for myself and my four-year-old daughter. Not without hesitation mind you; my money conscious wife and I realise that this expense doesn't come easy for a below average, single income family. Extravagant? Some might think so, but my thinking changed a couple of years ago when I took my eldest daughter, at age three, on a daddy-daughter date.

Inspired by an online clip I'd seen I decided to document the date. Little did I know that this "date" would change my relationship with my daughter forever. Nor did I realise it was a culture setting event for my growing family. 

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The Pandemic of Porn

Pornography damages lives, relationships and society. The same can be said of a casual attitude to relationships and sex in general but the game changer, in today’s technological world, is pornography. 

It shocks others when I mention a few statistics that demonstrate how widespread the problem is; that there are estimated to be more porn pages based in Australia than Australian Facebook users is one such statistic.

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